Several European food cluster company decided to create the European Food Cluster Association which is the network of food cluster management companies. The European Food Cluster Association’s vision is connecting the European food clusters’ managing organizations to support the SMEs and their economic success.

At a conference on 5. December, 2014 in Debrecen, Hungary, few cluster management companies had agreed to fund the EFCA and to develop joint programmes.

The overall aim of EFCA is the foundation of a European network in order to (1) create a favourable environment for and stimulate the food value chain research and innovation and to (2) set up collaboration and networking activities for the European food clusters and their SMEs.

The EFCA has the following direct goals:

  1. Supporting the SMEs to use their results of innovation in commercialization

  2. Attracting talent and capital for SMEs through capacity building activities

  3. Supporting the internalization and growth of SMEs

  4. Supporting the global presence of the European SMEs outside of Europe

We would like to be useful for our food companies making available the whole European research, new technologies, ideas and materials for them.

The first conference was held on 5. December, 2014. Please visit this site if you are interested about the Opening Conference. We covered two major topics:

  • Introduction of the European Food Cluster Association (EFCA), which will be the leading food cluster cooperation in the EU. We are going to determine the structure and the role of organisation.
  • Presentation and common programme writing of the previously selected INTERREG 5, INNOSUP and Erasmus Plus calls.

This website is the place of the vibrant, online community which is around EFCA. Get in touch with us or register to the website if you want to have more information and would like to join to the common work of EFCA members.


Presentation at European Cluster Days 2015 Presentation title: “How can an international network of food clusters stimulate the food value chain from research to innovation of their SMEs?”

EFCA has officially started! We are happy to announce that EFCA has officially started!

Project development at the conference INTERREG 5, INNOSUP, Horizon2020 and Erasmus Plus calls will be developed at the conference.


Pharmapolis Innovative Food Cluster, Hungary The Pharmapolis Innovative Food Industrial Cluster organises and coordinates the research and development activity of the 36 partners in the creation of new funcional food products. http://www.pharmapiek.hu/

Food Safety Management Finland Food Safety Management Finland ry is an association of food safety experts that promotes the cooperation and internationalization of its members. http://foodsafetyfinland.fi/main